thank you all so much for the headcanons, it’s been so much fun :D
you can still keep ‘em coming, but I won’t answer them in public any longer

¬†goodnight ya’ll!

Headcanon- Mary has a room full of nothing but stuffed animals to hug, incase she or Derpy gets sad

absolutely true, she also has an entire room just for knitting stuff!
she’s collected the stuffed animals from all over the universe, and don’t tell anyone, but she might have stolen the royal plush of a moon or two

Mary holds Sunday night poker nights with famous pones in history. The bets are always on their favorite snacks they bring to the party!

its probably a saturday gig, but yes! this would happen!

Mary goes on an adventure to someone else's blog? XD then shiznitz goes down?

"look Derpy! I broke the dimensions separating our universes!"
"I’m not sure you should be so enthusiastic about that Doc…"

it would happen. it totally would 

drunk mary goes on time adventures, often messing up time by making robot dinosaurs or sleeping with teenage luna

oh god

(then there’s the times Derpy comes along and he mainly just tries to look after Mary)

Mary learns about a plot against the princesses and goes undercover as a guard.

Mary's sonic screwdriver once had a power surge in reaction to a particularly powerful wave of magic. The surge is what caused Derpy's eyes to be derpy, although neither of them know at the moment.

Whooaa yes very good!
although Derpy was born with his eyes like that, which earned him the nickname Derpy :P

Mary secretly awaits the return of her good friend Jackie Harkness.

She’s been secretly searching for her for a while, but doesn’t know that she’s called Jacqueline in this universe, neither what she looks like, so she’s kinda given up!

mary almost always listens to classical music when derpy is around but if not she listens to hardcore deathmetal and dubstep

Very interesting… Hm, but I’d think Mary listens to everything openly, really! :D

When Mary thinks there is no one around, does she ever...I don't know, put on a costume and sing to her favorite song? Has Derpy ever walked in on her doing that?